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Vendor Management Solutions

Take back control of your supply chain with Deufol vendor management strategies.


At what point did vendor management become a full-time job? If you're like many manufacturing and industrial companies, you rely on dozens or maybe hundreds of different vendors. They may vary in size, resources, location, and capabilities. Some may be overseas, while others are a few miles away. Some are large corporations while others could be small family businesses.

They all have one thing in common, though. You need their products and services so you can meet you can meet your objectives and deliver to your customers. And you would prefer for your vendors to all meet your standards in terms of quality, delivery times, and even pricing.

Unfortunately, when you have a large, complex supply chain, it can be challenging to get all vendors on the same page. It's also a challenge to analyze a complicated web of vendors and decide whether it's time to look for alternatives.

Deufol's vendor management solutions can help implement a defined process and take back control of your supply chain. We help manufacturing and industrial companies achieve better performance from their vendors by implementing strategies that save resources on both ends.

Vendor management strategies may include:

  • Packaging engineering and consultation to ensure that your vendors meet your quality expectations.
  • Supplier packaging hubs to enhance packaging quality and reduce cost for both you and the vendor.Technological tools that provide full transparency into the supply chain, so you and the vendor can track your materials every step of the way.
  • Software that allows you to track and record turnaround times, quality, and other important KPIs, so you can make fast and informed decisions about vendor performance.

Are your vendors meeting your standards? Do you have the information you need to analyze their performance? Let's talk about it.

Contact us today to speak with a vendor management specialist. Our consultants welcome the opportunity to help you gain more transparency and control in your supply chain.

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Less labor. Less capital. Fewer distractions. Gain full transparency into your industrial packaging process.