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Plant Relocation


Because there's no margin for error in your industrial plant relocation.

Learn how Deufol's plant relocation services can keep your move on schedule and under budget.

Moving into a new facility is a complex, challenging process, but our industrial plant relocation services can help you manage it. We take our packaging and logistic expertise and transfer it to your relocation process. That means organizing, crating, and even unpackaging your materials, machinery, and products so they reach their destination in the most efficient way possible.

When you work with Deufol for your industrial plant relocation, you get:

  • Site decommissioning by manufacturing and engineering experts who know how to calibrate and shut down machines in order to make the most of the re-install and ramp up. 
  • Machine disassembly and custom packaging solutions designed specifically for your equipment and materials. Our engineers work with you to identify risks and then develop innovative solutions
  • Relocation, transportation, and unpackaging services to ensure that your parts, materials, and equipment reach their destination as intended, with no quality impairmentsWe unpackage at your new facility and manage the flow of materials so they end up in the correct location.
  • Placement and connection of machines according to machine validation and run plans.  
  • Actual ramp up and validation in production using our engineering objectives and parameters based on Six Sigma standards.  
  • Cutting-edge software to manage the process. We can barcode and scan crates, packages, and even individual parts. That information integrates seamlessly with your software so you can always know where each piece is in the process and how it is being handled.

Ready to work with an experienced, knowledgeable partner for your plant relocation? Schedule a conversation with one of our plant relocation consultants. We welcome an opportunity to discuss your upcoming move into a new facility.

Schedule a conversation with one of our plant relocation consultants.

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