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Get the transparency and control you’ve always wanted with Deufol’s Photo Documentation. One of our most innovative chain of custody monitoring solutions, Photo Documentation takes tracking to the next level with a complete visual record of your supply chain at every step.

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The total transparency of Photo Documentation offers the potential for constant improvement in your supply chain.


Clear photos, reliable archiving, and the ability to preserve a continuous trail of evidence make auditing compliance easier.

Cost Savings

Optimize processes, eliminate sources of error, and free up employee resources with automated tracking.


Photo Documentation offers even more than supply chain efficiency. Expedite insurance claims, track employee health status, and more.


From corporate identity to system integration, our experts will work with you to customize a solution that works for your business.



  • Complete, clear visual record of all parts and packages — starting before export.
  • Live ticker for real-time documentation.
  • Includes relevant documents like transport documents, transport drawings, and packing lists.
  • Comment, tag or like pictures or documents.
  • Notifications from external systems with data keys, extracted information and/or photos.


  • Easy retrieval via download, PDF or email.
  • Share documents with colleagues.
  • Access able from any device (phone, tablet, PC) anywhere.


What else is possible with Photo Documentation?


Complete documentation means faster evaluation of insurance claims.

On-site Logistics

Manage your team with documentation at every point in your processes.


Photo Documentation can help monitor an employees’ health status or work injury.

Office Management

Capture whiteboards, meeting notes and other written or printed documents.

Automotive Industry

Document delivery timelines and historical moments in production.

Experience the Deufol Difference

Contact us and in a brief consultation you will find that Deufol provides “Tough Pack” solutions by creating individualized packaging services, custom machines, automation, design and programming products surrounded by world class process and control and then putting it in a location that is where you need it in a timeframe that you need it.


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