Military Vendor Solutions

When contracting with the Government, you can manufacture your product perfectly; but if the labels are on the wrong place and/or the packaging techniques and materials used are not to specification, your product can sit up to 6, or even 18 months awaiting Government disposition - without your company being paid.

Whether you have a military contract or are competing for military business, you likely know that the process can present a unique set of challenges. The military has specific requirements with regard to packaging, workflow, logistics, and more.

At Deufol we are fluent in interpreting and servicing government contracts.

  • Interpretation - MIL STD 2073, MIL STD 129, ASTM D 3951
  • We stock certified packaging material.
  • With 40 years of experience packing for Government contracts and with the supply chain of every branch of the Armed Forces. plus 15+ years in military kitting
  • We can help you meet military quality and packaging/labeling requirements and hit delivery deadlines.
  • Support you not only with front-end quoting, but also with back-office support for the Government’s Payment (WAWF bar coding/IRAP) and Shipping (VSM/ETOOLS) software.
  • Long-term relations with DLA, DCMA, TACOM and US State Dept. shipments.

We can also manage your entire military-related workflow so you can focus your internal resources on other projects. As well as:

  • Marking/Labeling (RFID, UID). Method 10-50 materials certified and on hand.
  • NAVSUP and CG Administrative Support (Experience with, Navy Nuclear, TRADOC)
  • Sub-assembly, Kitting
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • SPI Interpretation/Contract Packaging Consultants

Whether you’re already a military vendor or pursuing a contract, we can help you optimize your process and build a strong relationship with military buyers. Our team welcomes the opportunity to consult with you on your military supply opportunity.

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