To improve efficiency, you need information.

Our software gives you the data you need to make informed decisions.

At some point, it happens to everyone. A critical part doesn’t get packed in a container. A few packages get loaded into the wrong crate. A customer needs an urgent update on the status of their shipment, but your team isn’t able to track down the whereabouts quickly.

These types of errors can happen, but they can also be costly. You may have to reship items or pay for expedited shipping. To prevent these kinds of mistakes, you might have to implement a quality check system that is labor intensive and resource-draining.

What if you could prevent mistakes by having complete transparency into your packaging and distribution process? What if you could eliminate redundant administrative work? What if your team could know in real-time which items go in which packages and which items are missing? What if you, your team, and your customers could access every point of data about your shipments with a few clicks of the mouse?

You can achieve all of those goals with Deufol’s D-SCS software. Our D-SCS software is a proprietary system that allows you to instantly view every aspect of your packaging and shipping operations. Your team has the information needed to accurately fulfill orders. Your customers have access to status updates and shipment information.

Transparency in material and information flow

Deufol’s D-SCS software integrates seamlessly with SAP and other operating systems, allowing the systems to communicate information in real-time. Instantly view shipments, crates, containers, packages, and any other elements in your process. Check statuses and locations, and get the data you need to make informed decisions.

Protocol of every transaction

No more backtracking to see how a package flowed through your process. With Deufol’s D-SCS software, you can print transaction protocols that give you the who, what, where, and when on every package, crate, and container that moves through your facility. Archive those protocols so you can access them at a later date, if needed.

Reduce cost-intensive errors and subsequent deliveries.

With D-SCS software your team members can scan each part and package as they move through your work stations. With each scan, the team member can see what steps should have been completed and where the piece should go next. They can also scan containers and crates to ensure that all necessary parts have been packed.

The scanning technology instantly updates the software and the packing list, giving your team the transparency and visibility they need to avoid costly mistakes, eliminate packing errors, and reduce your costs for repeat deliveries.

Eliminate redundant administrative functions.

No more manually created packing lists or transaction protocols. There’s no need to physically handoff documents and then input them into your software. The D-SCS software does all of your updating and record-keeping automatically. When a part, package, or crate is scanned, the software automatically updates any relevant documents along with your SAP software.

Share information with relevant parties.

Do your customers want to know where their shipments are? You can stop fielding phone calls, and instead, simply give them access to your D-SCS software. They can open a customer portal that allows them to view their pieces and shipments. Instead of calling you and waiting for your team to track down the information, they can get all the data they need with a few clicks.

When you have transparency and visibility into your process, you can make informed decisions on how to cut costs and boost your efficiency. At Deufol, we’re in the efficiency business. We offer our D-SCS software to our customers to help them optimize and streamline their packaging and shipping processes.

For more information on how D-SCS could help your business, contact one of our IT solutions specialists. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your business and learn how we can help you overcome your packaging and distribution challenges.

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