Optimize your industrial supply chain with Deufol’s warehousing and technology solutions.

You have parts and products you need to stock, but you don’t necessarily have the space required. You need transparency into your supply chain, so you can know what you have in inventory, where it’s located, and where it’s going. And you may need to ship parts on a moment’s notice, with fast delivery to your customer or possibly even to one of your facilities.

Stocking parts and products may seem simple, but as you likely know, it can be very complex. That becomes especially true as your company and your operations grow. The larger the project, the more pieces to manage. Without a system in place, the entire process can become unwieldy, obtuse, and inefficient.

That’s where Deufol comes in. We have lots of square feet of warehouse space to store your industrial parts and products. We also have the ability to expand and even co-locate so we can meet your geographic and scheduling needs.

We couple our warehousing capabilities with our robust technological platforms to provide you with a comprehensive supply chain solution. Our software, which integrates with SAP and other platforms, provides tracking and tracing for all parts at all times, so you have complete visibility into your supply chain. Even better, we can seamlessly sync our software with yours, so you can access information with just a few clicks.

Our third party logistics warehouse services include:

  • Mobile scanning data entry for goods receipts, stock movement & issues.
  • Picking & put-away strategies for rack, floor, climate control, refrigeration & carousel.
  • Stock management at the batch and SLED control levels.
  • Small scale carousel parts storage – Two units, ability to store thousands of excess items between our Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh facilities.


Ready to make your supply chain more streamlined, optimized, and transparent? Contact us to start the conversation. Our supply chain consultants welcome the opportunity to learn about your needs and goals, and help implement a solution. Let’s connect today.

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