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We start every new relationship by focusing on your unique goals, needs, and challenges. Our consultants dig into your business and your processes to help you develop a road map to packaging and distribution success. Contact us for solutions in:

  • Industrial Packaging
    You have an industrial product that needs to get from point A to point B in perfect condition and on schedule. At Deufol, we understand that your unique product requires a unique packaging solution.
  • Contract Packaging
    You thought you had one product then your retailer decided they wanted it packaged 100 different ways and delivered tomorrow. What do you do? We understand your custom contract packaging challenges and we can solve them with quality and control.
  • Thermoforming
    Enhance your product's shelf-presence and utilize visible product features to make the sale as well as providing product security. With over 20 years of experience, the in-house custom design and machining centers are available to solve your next packaging challenge today.
  • Engineering Services
    You have tough packaging and distribution challenges. We have custom-engineered solutions designed specifically for your business with breakthrough customer-specific packaging solutions and processes for even the most difficult objectives.
  • Supply Chain
    If your core competency is delivering quality products, why are you spending so much time managing your supply chain? With 93 facilities in 11 countries, we have the resources and capabilities to manage your supply chain anywhere on the planet.
  • IT Solutions
    Your business moves too fast to be slowed down by subpar IT systems. We use our experience, knowledge, and skillset to serve as your IT partner, providing you with everything from system audits to implementation.

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