You have parts and materials coming in from China and other Asian countries. Components are coming from Europe and Central America. In addition to that complicated supply chain you’ve got to manage an array of internal and external domestic suppliers. They all have to arrive at your project sites around the world, and they have to be on-time and in top quality.

How do you manage such a complex, global supply chain?

The world is shrinking fast. Nowhere is that more apparent than in industrial business. Your business is dependent on hundreds, maybe even thousands, of vendors all over the world.

While those vendors may play an integral part in your supply chain, they also raise some complicated challenges. Their standards for quality and timeliness may not match yours. They may not have the controls or technology needed to give you full transparency into your supply chain. They may not be as responsive as you would like to your questions and concerns.

At Deufol, we’ve helped some of the largest industrial companies in the world take back control of their supply chain by using something called a global industrial packaging hub. It’s a facility that serves as a receiving and shipping center for all of your parts and products.

Your vendors and even your own facilities ship parts and products to the hub, where our team of knowledgeable and experienced packaging experts unpack the crates and check for quality. We then repackage parts and materials to meet your quality standards and ship them to your project site or other destination.

Why use a global industrial packaging hub:

  • Quality. You can have confidence that all parts and products are packaged to your quality standards, with an emphasis on minimizing risk and eliminating opportunities for damage.
  • Transparency. We have a number of advanced technology solutions to give you full transparency into your supply chain. We barcode parts and crates as they enter and leave the hub, so you can always see where they are with a just a few clicks.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable support. You can’t be in all places at all times. That’s why our international support team works as your eyes and ears in your global hub and wherever you work with vendors. We ensure quality, navigate customs, and manage your process to eliminate challenges and complexities.

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