The challenge

According to importer and exporters a like, there have been repeated arbitrary rejections of wood packaging citing IPPC standard ISPM-15 when importing or exporting to many countries. The USA in particular has attracted increasing attention in the market. These rejections can have serious consequences for the exporting company and in the worst case lead to customer and customs penalties.


Innovation was required

We recognized up the problem quickly and, as part of the continuous improvement of our standard portfolio, looked for a corresponding risk reduction for our customers.

The result is DEUFOL ConPLY: an alternative type of packaging product, which consists of premium material and is not classified as solid wood. This minimizes the risk of rejection by customs.

Your advantages


No additional effort

Nothing changes in the packaging process, the handling of the boxes or the unpacking.


Fast processing

Experience has shown that DEUFOL ConPLY products get through customs much faster than solid wood boxes


Available everywhere

The Deufol location you trust also offers DEUFOL ConPLY boxes. Just talk to us about it!

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