At Deufol, our primary goal is to help our customers optimize their packaging, shipping, supply, and distribution processes so they can maximize their bottom line and reach their objectives. We’re proud to have assisted hundreds of companies over the years across a wide range of industries.

Whether it’s redesigning a package to prevent quality risks, implementing a packaging process to cut waste, or managing an international packaging and shipping process to avoid delays, we help our customers overcome their most pressing challenges.

Our motto is “Tough packs solved,” because there is no “pack” or challenge that is too tough for us to tackle. Here’s how we’ve helped one of our customers tackle a big issue. If we can help them, we can help you too.

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The fellows yesterday were great. They came in and knocked it out quickly and professionally…….Great attitudes as well! Thanks!
Jonathan Biskup
GE Energy

All are well received with many thanks. I really liked your service, and everything was perfect!

Masayuki Koshiba
Itochu Logistics
"Great job. Did everything as promised."
Scott Buie
Overton Industries
"Jackie is the very very best at what she does. So helpful!"
Micki Segal-Blou
"Acts like a business partner and not a supplier relationship; very accommodating; Proactive to address areas of need. They don't wait for a problem to happen. Consistently looking for ways to save money even though contract doesn't specify. Only organization that is viewed as partner relationship. Not afraid to share when requests are outside of core competency. Warehouse manager is strong and knowledgeable with SAP; takes ownership. They are flexible and responsive, partner; invested in our success. Response to emergencies. Current Managers of front end and back end are good at what they do. Earned our trust. Really good at what they do; good quality control process."


I appreciate the excellent customer service I received from Heather and Deufol on my recent project.  She paid attention to all the details from receiving my product, documentation and taking special care that all was accounted for and in good condition when it arrived in your warehouse.  Checking all the pieces and wrapping for final shipment as I had requested.  I was informed on every detail up to and including pictures of my packaging prior to shipping.  My company has and will always use Deufol for our packing needs.

Marcy Viglione
Heyl & Patterson Equipment
As a customer I can attest to the reason for their success and growth. They get the job done. They know  their business, know what you need, and work to meet every customer demand. Their team has always gone above and beyond. Thanks for always making it work out Bob!
Timothy Thompson
How wonderful it was working with your Shanghai Deufol team. Frank is great to work with, plus the rest of his ground team. Each one is extremely professional. They all really know the expectations set and work as a team from start to finish. Again, it was my pleasure to work with Deufol and the Shanghai team. Hopefully, we will be doing business together again soon.
Ty Sterling
The Hershey Company
"The service we received from Bentley/Deufol, Cleveland is top notch. we have never had an issue with anything or anyone. I only wish all my vendors were this great to work with."
Jeff Hinebaugh
"Jackie was very helpful."

Thank you Amy. We appreciate you going the extra mile on these orders for us and the help that you provide to our company.  Thanks again.

Chuck Simpson
I give you guys a five start rating.
Alexander Hasbach
Akron Special Machinery

Deufol has always met my expectations.  Great company to work with.

Greg Hill
Overton Industries
"Very quick in responses Kudos"
John Grady
DLS Worldwide
"The Accounting Manager, Dawn, was a delight to do business with as she was knowledgeable and succinct."
Dale Lipa
Sysco Philadelphia, LLC
There is a significant benefit of the crates Deufol  made for us compared to our old wooden ones.  The wooden crates weighed ~ 1300#.  Our new aluminum/steel crates from Deufol weigh ~ 450#.   The savings in LTL shipping costs alone will give us less than a 2 year ROI period.
Rodger Reed
Hubert North America Service Company