How many locations does Deufol have?

92 locations in 12 countries

  • Germany 49
  • Austria 9
  • Czech Republic 8
  • Belgium 8
  • USA 5
  • China 3
  • Italy 3
  • Slovakia 2
  • France 2
  • Netherlands 1
  • Singapore 1
  • Hungary 1

Why should I use Deufol North America?

For more than 100 years, Deufol has helped businesses of all sizes and in all industries implement the perfect packaging and supply chain solutions for their products. With around 2600 employees in 92 global locations, we leverage our experience and unique capabilities to help you tackle any supply chain challenge.

Not all supply chains are created equal though. Your needs and objectives are unique to your specific products, customers, and logistical obstacles. Before we can develop and implement the right solutions for your goals, we have to gain an understanding of your business. Contact us.

We offer in house cranes, ASTM standard crating on-site or in house custom engineered industrial boxes, plant relocation, military packaging,  and container loading,

What are the capabilities of each Deufol location in North America?

All locations offer complex and challenging custom designed Industrial packaging to small and large-scale products for industrial companies.

We often use reusable and preservable components, climate and element protection tools, and other safeguards to protect quality and profitability.

Export Packaging


Can Deufol handle the pickup and delivery of my product?

Definitely. We have substantial experience in helping our customers manage the pick up and delivery of their product to our facility with the help of our  third party partners.

Does Deufol have a packaging specification?

Yes, we pack to ASTM specifications, Mil Std specifications for Military Packing & can build / pack to the customers specification, as required.

What is the standard lead time for packing or box building?

Our standard is 7 to 10 working days depending on the size of the job. We’re here to help you meet your objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible and will work with you being flexible as needed.

Does Deufol pack on-site?

Yes, we can pack on-site anywhere in the world

Does Deufol carry stock size wooden boxes?

Yes, we have stock size boxes. The dimensions are 42 x 42 x 32, 45 x 45 x 42 and 87.5x45.5x46.5. They are designed to be loaded either side by side or stacked 2 high in a standard ocean container. This maximizes the space inside a container

Does Deufol have portable scales?

In Pittsburgh we have a scale for our overhead crane and a floor scale. No portable scale for on-site jobs. In Cleveland we have a portable scale for on-site jobs as well as a floor scale and overhead crane scale in the shop.

Does Deufol offer custom built crates?

Yes, the majority of the boxes we build are custom built for our customers.

Is Deufol ISPM-15 certified?

All of our wood conforms to the ISPM-15 specifications for shipments overseas.

Is plywood exempt from ISPM-15 certification?

Yes. Plywood is exempt from ISPM-15 certification.

Where can I purchase ISPM-15 certified wood?

You can purchase HT-KD wood. For the wood to be ISPM-15 certified it has to either have the IPPC stamp on the box or the dunnage stamp on the wood. The stamp is required for exporting. The HT-KD on the wood is not enough to send a box abroad.

Does Deufol offer trade shows packaging?

Yes. We offer reuseable boxes. The boxes can come with access doors where we use hinges and clasps or we can use lags or screws with the boxes to dismantle them entirely.

Can Deufol apply vapor corrosion protection to equipment?

Yes. We use VCI poly shrink wrap, foil bags and at times if specified static intercept. We use desiccant as well as a variety of applied rust inhibitors to all bare metals.

Plant Relocation


What is Deufol lift capacity?

We offer in house 30 and 50 ton cranes to receive, pack and/or distribute your industrial machinery from our facilities with 40 plus years of partnership with regional rigging and heavy-haul transportation companies to provide 3PL solutions for import/export of machinery at YOUR facility.

Does Deufol load flat racks?

Our process largely depends on the needs of each customer. However, our mission is always to deliver an optimized supply chain solution. We start by understanding your needs and objectives, and then we analyze the system in place. We offer optimization recommendations and then work with you to implement those strategies across your supply chain.

Does Deufol load containers?

Yes. We offer up to 15,000 square feet space for standard dry warehousing needs. We also offer and experienced and knowledgeable team and a broad range of powered vehicles to protect quality and ensure that all materials are handled properly.

Does Deufol handle drayage of containers?

Yes. Our supply chain solutions are capable of handling a wide variety of types of packages, from consumer goods to containers to breakbulk and even oversized packages that require special permits. We can customize our solutions to meet your needs.


Does Deufol do Military Packaging?

Yes. From design to distribution, Deufol can handle all your thermoform packaging needs. We have the ability to store over 12,500 pallets of inventory on-site. That allows us to store your inventory in our warehouse and then package your products and materials as you need them. We also manage distribution to your customers and distributors so your inventory is delivered in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.

With Deufol, you don’t just get a packaging solution, but rather a comprehensive fulfillment and supply chain management solution.

Supply Chain
Does Deufol offer warehousing?

Yes. We offer fulfillment services, such as pick-and-pack and more, to optimize your supply chain.