When you partner with Deufol, you gain access to the world’s largest collection of engineers, facilities, and staff focused on industrial packaging.

With around 2300 employees worldwide, Deufol is ready to solve your toughest crating and export challenges.

Your product and process are unique. Your packaging solution should be unique, too. At Deufol, we develop custom industrial crating solutions for even the toughest packaging challenges. From heavy cargo to long-term preservation to on-site, large-scale solutions, we custom design a package and process to meet your needs and budget.

We have successfully designed and implemented packaging solutions for:

  • Heavy Cargo & Industrial Parts
  • Preservation & Reusable Packaging
  • Climate & Element Control - Rust & Water Proof
  • Container Storage
  • Sea & Air Freight
  • Hazardous Goods Handling

At Deufol, our daily operations are influenced by our commitment to quality. We know that your success is dependent upon your ability to reliably deliver quality products and service to your customers. That’s why we work not just as your crating vendor, but also as an active partner in your success. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from:

  • Fast turnaround times. We work in days, not weeks and months. We understand how critical speed is to your business outcomes. Your customers and other partners need their parts and products quickly. We make that happen.
  • Custom solutions. There are no standard solutions because there are no standard challenges. Our team of engineers analyze your goals and needs and then design a custom crating solution specifically for you.
  • In-house production. We’re able to implement our custom designs because we build our own packaging equipment in-house. Our talented machinists and equipment engineers help us accommodate your changing goals and needs. Whatever solution is needed, we can create the equipment to make it happen.
  • Technological investment. Information might be your most valuable resource. That’s why we’ve developed numerous technological platforms to help you gain transparency into your crating and distribution processes. Our software can seamlessly integrate with your SAP, so with just a few clicks you’ll know where your parts and products are, where they’re headed, and when they’ll get there.

Where you need us, when you need us. We have 91 locations around the world, so we can implement crating and export solutions nearly anywhere. We have also co-located with customers in the past, setting up our own operations in or near the customer’s facility.

We’re willing to explore any and all options to make your goals reality. Let’s connect and discuss your crating and export needs. Contact us today to start the conversation with one of our industrial packaging engineers.

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