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Posted by John Appel on Wed, May 13, 2020

We understand that ensuring your goods reach the desired destination in pristine condition is critical to your satisfaction. We also understand that the cost associated  with crating can often be a key factor whether you are shipping domestically or overseas. 

For more than 100 years, Deufol has helped businesses of all sizes and in all industries implement the perfect packaging and supply chain solutions for their products. With around 2600 employees in 92 global locations, we leverage our experience and unique capabilities to help you tackle any supply chain challenge.

Not all supply chains are created equal though. Your needs and objectives are unique to your specific products, customers, and logistical obstacles. Before we can develop and implement the right solutions for your goals, we have to gain an understanding of your business. That happens through conversation.



The questions below are a great starting point for that conversation. We can use this information to help you get it right the first time.

Industrial Packaging
  • What types of goods or products do you ship?
  • What type of packaging do you currently use?
  • What risks or hazards pose a threat to your products while in transit?
    • Movement or vibration?
    • Temperature?
    • Moisture?
    • Light?
    • Humidity?
  • Is your current packaging reusable? If not, is there an opportunity to implement reusable packaging?
  • What is the primary mode of transportation for your products?
  • Do any of your customers have specific packaging requirements?
  • Do you or your customers have sustainability targets?
  • Is your current packaging custom-designed for your needs or a generic solution?

Are you unsure about the answers to some of these questions? A conversation with one of our packaging specialists could help you determine if it’s time to consider an alternative solution. Let’s start the conversation today. deufol-bullet-color

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