Guide to Fire Retardant Export Packaging Solutions

Posted by John Appel on Wed, Sep 2, 2020

Manufacturing and industrial operations are changing. Businesses constantly push the boundaries of what can be built, designed, and produced, but too often packaging solutions haven’t kept up.

Is that crate offering the protection and security you need? What does your packaging solution say to your customer? Is your solution doing enough to protect you, your customers, and their business?

Fire-retardant packaging usage is increasing as a customer requirement and for companies looking to reduce risk with additional protection. In this guide, we’ll review important points to consider as you evaluate fire-retardant packaging for your operations.

Fire-Retardant_Packaging_WEB_8.25What Is a Fire-Retardant Packaging Solution?

Fire-retardant packaging is designed to resist fire, preventing flame spread and providing additional protection for both the enclosed item and the shipping and storage area. A common material solution for fire-retardant packaging uses a specially treated lumber that incorporates a fire-retardant wood treatment and a coating for additional protection.

What Are Common Fire-Retardant Packaging Applications?

In the past, fire-retardant packaging has been used for military applications, where it is a requirement in the military specs. It also finds uses in other industrial packaging applications, including:

  • Protecting the packaged item from fire. This could include exterior storage in a dangerous area, such as a generator in a region at risk of brush fire.
  • Containing a potential fire caused by the packaged goods. For example, storing a potentially flammable product in a warehouse where flame spread is a risk.
  •  Shipping a hazardous material where fire is a greater risk. The fire-retardant crating solution offers additional protection on a container ship.

This brief overview above covers only a few of the possible applications for fire-retardant packaging. Your solution provider can work with you to review other applications.

How Do the Fire-Retardant Crates and Boxes Work?

Depending on the packaging requirements and process, the lumber used in the packaging can be certified to ASTM E84 and ASTM E2769, Class A rated. The treatment is also a natural mold and insect inhibitor that is nontoxic and non-halogenated, with no carcinogens or PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers). However, the chemicals used in the treatment can be eye and skin irritants, so care should be taken when handling the treated wood.

Typically, the solution includes fire-retardant crates or boxes, which prevent flame spread to the packaging and protect from both external and internal fire sources. Your packaging supplier will design the ultimate solution to meet your requirements and needs.

Fire-retardant containers can be reused, and additional treatment options can extend the life of the packaging solution. Exterior paint and a sealer can be used to add color, logos, or additional information to the packaging. That additional information could include packing instructions or labels such as the lithium battery mark.

How Do I Submit an Order for Fire-Retardant Packaging?

Pre-planning is critical for successfully implementing a fire-retardant packaging solution.

The treated wood used in the container needs to be specially ordered, and preparation time for the materials is critical. We suggest ordering well in advance of any potential need, as lead time at wood suppliers can fluctuate with market demand. 

Before placing an order, you’ll need to know exactly what will be enclosed in the container. Work with the packaging supplier to plan the project. The supplier will need:

  • The weight and dimensions of the item to be enclosed.
  •  A list of the materials you will be enclosing.
  •  Any other special requirements for the packaging solution.

Fire-retardant packaging is custom made to your specifications and needs. The provider will design and manufacture the solution incorporating the fire-retardant packaging materials.


If you have other questions or would like to learn more about fire-retardant packaging solutions, Deufol can help. By combining experience and innovation as an industry leader in packaging and distribution, we’re helping businesses optimize, improve, and grow. Contact Deufol to learn more and discuss your potential needs. Deufol_Logo_opt


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