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Posted by John Appel on Tue, Feb 11, 2020

Logistics and packaging should be of high quality in every phase. However, there are areas in which you must exceed even the highest quality standards and high level of care.

Whether it is the field of medical technology, the automotive industry or aerospace technology, whenever human life or the environment are affected or endangered, the quality has to be absolutely perfect.

The German company RohTech-DST in Göppingen is not only active in engineering for plant construction in the automotive industry, but also in aerospace engineering. RohTech-DST is the main supplier of the devices and equipment for the structural parts of the American VULCAN launch vehicle, the first launch of which is planned for mid-2021. In addition to these large devices, so-called ground supports and all transport systems for the complicated transport of the rocket stages to the two launch sites in Cape Canaveral in Florida and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California are also supplied.

deufol-rotech-dst-industrial-packagingThe VULCAN launcher is a project of the United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between the US companies Boeing Defense, Space and Security and Lockheed Martin Space Systems. US government missions from NASA and the Air Force, as well as commercial missions, are carried out by the ULA load rockets. VULCAN is to replace the previous Delta IV and Atlas V rockets.

Several launches with supply flights to the International Space Station are already planned for 2021.

Our customer RohTech-DST is supplying devices and platforms for the rocket structure to the launch vehicle project, which ultimately carries the load, such as satellites. The overall responsibility, the design and engineering comes from RohTech-DST (general contractor). The individual components of the system are manufactured and assembled in various European locations with logistics support provided by  Deufol Slovakia.

The quality of the packaging manufactured by Deufol Slovakia for RohTech-DST convinced the RohTech-DST team in the USA to make direct contact with Deufol in Slovakia. Since then Deufol Slovakia has been packaging all Slovak RohTech DST products.

Especially in the field of space technology, the industry benefits from the portfolio of a logistics provider that covers the entire supply chain. Deufol not only designs the packaging, but also manufactures it in house, takes care of the transport to the packaging location, completes the packaging onsite, performs the stowing in containers, completes the customs clearance and arranges the transport to the USA.

There is also a guarantee that the packaged goods will reach the recipient safely and without damage.

Customer satisfaction comes first


As mentioned at the beginning, the performance must be absolutely perfect in certain situations! Our colleagues in Slovakia had to face the challenges of the highest demands in the aerospace sector. The type of packaging was raised to an even higher level and the range of services in the logistics portfolio expanded.

Thanks to our quality and reliability, RohTech-DST will continue with Deufol as its preferred logistics and packaging partner for all future orders

3in1 Nasaneu

The high level of cooperation between Deufol and RohTech-DST was a key factor to this success. The packaging documentation was professionaly prepared and made available timely, orders were executed promptly and details were clarified in advance through personal contact.

Twelve additional projects are already in the pipeline and the deployment planning for the VULCAN rocket will provide half a dozen supply flights for the new space transporter Dream Chaser to the International Space Station in the near future. In addition, not only the new lunar lander Peregrine M1, but later also the inflatable Bigelow B330 space station will be transported to the ISS with the VULCAN and later into a moon orbit.

We look forward to our partnership with RohTech-DST  in helping shape the future of aerospace!




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