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Posted by John Appel on Tue, Oct 20, 2020

If you regularly ship goods internationally, you probably know the ISPM-15 guideline. The ISPM-15 has been drawn up by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and describes the treatment of wood used in the international movement of goods with the aim of killing organisms such as parasites in the wood. It mainly applies to means of transport such as transport crates and pallets.

Keep in mind the ISPM-15 directive for export packaging. The more and more focus on ISPM-15 the more (arbitrary) refusals.

Customs are paying more and more attention to the ISPM-15 guidelines.  Sector associations repeatedly report arbitrary refusals to import in certain countries, based on the ISPM-15 standard.  The United States, in particular, is attracting more and more attention in the market.

These refusals can have serious consequences: delays, fines, blocking or even the return of goods.

As an expert in industrial export packaging, Deufol complies with the ISPM-15 directive and is ISPM-15 certified. Our packaging has the ISPM-15 mark indicating our certification. This means that when customs checks are carried out, the packaging is found to comply with ISPM-15 and the cargo will be subject to fewer checks. So less risk of your goods being delayed or even blocked.

ConPLY10With DEUFOL ConPLY export packaging you minimize the risk of rejections based on ISPM-15

An innovative solution to minimize the risk for our customers was needed.  Deufol looked for, and found, the solution. The result is DEUFOL ConPLY: an export packaging product made of high-quality material and not classified as solid wood. This minimizes the risk of rejection by customs.

The advantages:

  • No change in the design and dimensions of the packaging. So no impact on transport or storage.
  • No extra effort or actions on your part needed.
  • No change in the packaging process, handling of the crates, transport or unpacking.
  • Fast processing.
  • Less risk of problems during customs checks (refusal, blockage, delay, fine...) based on ISPM-15.
  • Available everywhere: every Deufol location offers DEUFOL ConPLY.


Experience shows that DEUFOL ConPLY products pass through customs much faster than conventional full wooden crates.


If you have other questions or would like to learn more about Deufol ConPLY packaging solutions, Deufol can help. By combining experience and innovation as an industry leader in packaging and distribution, we’re helping businesses optimize, improve, and grow. Contact us to learn more and discuss your potential needs. Deufol_Logo_opt


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