How Deufol’s Custom Trade Show Containers Improve ROI

Posted by John Appel on Thu, May 30, 2019


Hubert had a challenge. The Ohio-based company relied on trade shows to market their kitchen appliance and accessory products. Trade shows are a highly effective location for Hubert to reach restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other types of businesses that purchase kitchen supplies and food merchandising products.

There was just one issue with Hubert’s trade show strategy. They used wooden crates to ship their products to the trade show location. They would then have to unpack the crates, set up their products for the show, and then repack and ship the wooden containers when the show was over. After a year, the crates would wear down and need to be thrown away. This process was time-consuming and costly.

Hubert was looking for a more efficient solution. They wanted something that would safely transport their products but would also be easy to load and unload. They also wanted something reusable and that would have a long lifespan. They turned to Deufol for assistance.

Designing the Custom Trade Show Container

Deufol began the design process the same way we start with every customer—by listening. We sat down with Hubert and discussed their trade show strategy so we could better understand their unique needs and goals. Once we had a sense of their challenges and objectives, we started the design process.

We developed an aluminum and steel cart that Hubert could quickly roll in and out of trade show locations. The custom container had a built-in ramp that made it easy to load and unload large kitchen appliances. It also had built-in tie-off tracks similar to those used in semi trucks. Hubert could use those tracks to tie down products so they wouldn’t shift during transport. As a bonus, the container was labeled with Hubert’s logo, helping them stand out from other brands when loading and unloading their products on the trade show floor.

The cart’s design allows for increased efficiency and reduced time for setup and teardown at trade shows. But the most significant benefit may be the cost savings that Hubert will realize over the long-term.

Understanding the Cost Savings of a Custom Container

Hubert previously used wooden crates. While they were reusable—as long as they weren’t damaged in transit—they only had a lifespan of a few years. That meant Hubert was constantly replacing crates.

The new Deufol containers have a higher upfront cost than wooden crates. However, they also have a much longer life expectancy. The custom trade show containers can be reused for a decade or more, depending on care and frequency of use. That increases sustainability, eliminates replacement costs and improves Hubert’s trade show ROI.

For any company that goes to trade shows as often as Hubert, high-quality, branded containers are essential to establishing oneself as an industry leader. 

Likewise, we can’t overlook the benefits of free advertising. As previously mentioned, these custom containers were branded with Hubert’s logo. The carts looked more professional than the wooden crates they were originally using, thus increasing the value of their initial investment. For any company that goes to trade shows as often as Hubert, high-quality, branded containers are essential to establishing oneself as an industry leader.

Are you looking for an efficient, safe and cost-effective way to transport your goods to and from trade shows while showing everyone on the show floor that your brand is first-class? Let’s talk about it. At Deufol, we create custom packaging solutions for a wide range of needs. We start by learning about your business and your objectives. We then use that information as our roadmap during the design process.

Our designers welcome the opportunity to consult with you about your trade show needs. We can provide trade show packaging solutions in any of our worldwide locations. Let’s connect soon and start the conversationDeufol_Logo_opt.png


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