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Posted by John Appel on Thu, Dec 12, 2019


Crating. It’s a pretty simple concept. You build a box, package your materials, and load the crate for shipment. It’s straightforward, right? Not quite.

Your container can impact everything from product quality to margins to your supply chain. Your packaging solution can be an asset that adds value to your business or it can be a detriment that threatens quality and profitability.

At Deufol Cincinnati, we serve as your partner to deliver an optimal crating solution. Your product, customers, and business are unique. Your packaging should be too. From heavy cargo to long-term preservation to on-site, large-scale solutions, we custom design a package and process to meet your needs and budget. When you partner with us, you’ll benefit from:


Highly Specified Packaging at Deufol
  • Fast delivery and implementation.  We understand how important speed is to your success. Your customers and other partners expect fast, efficient delivery. We employ a continuous-improvement mindset to constantly compress our timeline  We’ll help you meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.
  • Custom solutions. We know that no two challenges are the same. Our team of engineers have seen a wide range of packaging challenges and are experienced with developing unique solutions. We analyze your goals and needs and then design a custom crating solution specifically for you and your goals.
  • Technological solutions. In today’s manufacturing world, information is a valuable asset. We offer a wide range of technological solutions that give you transparency into your crating and distribution processes. 
    • Our Deufol Supply Chain Solution (DSCS) software seamlessly integrates with any ERP, so you can manage loose parts, warehousing, shipments, and more with only a few clicks. 
    • Our Photodoc software takes and saves pictures of goods and packages so you can view your materials anywhere. 
    • And our CPC hardware devices report a wide range of crate information, like humidity, temperature, shock, geographic location, light intensity, and more.

Military Packaging

Do you count the military as one of your clients? If so, you know the unique challenges presented by a military contract. If anything is off with your package, from the label to the materials and more, your product can sit for months waiting for disposition. That could mean months without getting paid.


At Deufol Cincinnati, we have extensive experience crating and packaging for military contracts. We are fluent in military terms and rules like:

Red Ring Binder with Inscription Guidelines on Background of Working Table with Office Supplies, Laptop, Reports. Toned Illustration. Business Concept on Blurred Background.-1

  • Interpretation - MIL STD 2073, MIL STD 129, ASTM D 3951
  • We stock certified packaging material.
  • With 40 years of experience packing for Government contracts and with the supply chain of every branch of the Armed Forces. plus 15+ years in military kitting
  • We can help you meet military quality and packaging/labeling requirements and hit delivery deadlines.
  • Support you not only with front-end quoting, but also with back-office support for the Government’s Payment (WAWF bar coding/IRAP) and Shipping (VSM/ETOOLS) software.
  • Long-term relations with DLA, DCMA, TACOM and US State Dept. shipments.


You’ve invested too much in your products and customer relationships to use a generic or substandard crating solution. Deufol Cincinnati can help you implement an efficient crating process that protects product quality and profit margins. 

Let’s connect soon and start the conversation about how we can help you optimize your crating and distribution processes. Deufol_Logo_opt.png


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