Navigating a Crisis: How Your Crating Solution Can Help

Posted by John Appel on Thu, Jun 11, 2020

The COVID pandemic has hit every corner of the American economy. Perhaps no sector has been hit harder than manufacturing. In April, the monthly manufacturing index crashed to 34.8. A score below 50 represents contraction in the industry. The April score was the lowest since 2009.


You no doubt have a number of pressing issues right now. How do you retain customers, who are facing their own set of challenges? How do you fulfill orders with a limited number of employees? How do you enforce social distancing rules and other possible requirements? How do you keep your business alive?

There’s no easy way to predict how long the financial fallout from COVID will continue. We may feel the ripple effect for years to come. Given the uncertain future, this is the time to analyze every process to find opportunities for efficiency and cost savings.

One area to consider is your crating and export system. Obviously, a change in packaging won’t resolve every challenge you face. But it could resolve some of your challenges and give you the slight edge you need to stay competitive.

This article will advise you on a few ways a change in your export crating process could benefit your business during this difficult time. In it, we'll look at

  • Customized crating that reduces cost
  • Improved quality to minimize costly returns or duplicate orders
  • Outsourced packaging so you can reduce employee involvement and focus on your core business.

Let's start.

Customized crating that reduces cost.

Are you using a generic crating solution from a packaging supplier that doesn’t offer customized solutions? It’s possible that packaging customized for your needs can help you maximize your margins and strengthen your cash flow. For example, there may be different crating materials that provide the same level of quality with lower costs. A different design could be easier and quicker to assemble, reducing your costs. 


There’s no universal solution for every manufacturer. However, a packaging partner that specializes in custom crating solutions can help you identify the solution that is best for your needs and challenges.

Improved quality to minimize costly returns or duplicate orders.

As you probably know cheaper isn’t always better. Yes, lower costs are helpful, but not if they’re attached to lesser quality. Everyone is facing similar challenges. Your customers are looking for reliable suppliers. At the same time, you may not have the capability right now to deal with costly quality errors.


Again, a custom crating and export partner can design a solution that maximizes quality and minimizes risk of product damage. You can deliver on-time every time, which will only enhance your relationship with your customers. They’ll view you as the reliable supplier who was there for them during their most difficult period.




Outsourced packaging so you can reduce employee involvement and focus on your core business.

Another option is to completely outsource your crating export processes to an outside partner like Deufol. We handle the crating in our facility and then manage distribution so your products arrive on-time every time. We can also implement a wide range of technological solutions to protect quality and maximize efficiency.


This option allows you to focus on what you do best - developing products and strengthening your relationships with your customers. It also reduces the amount of employees you need in your building, which can help you better manage distancing requirements and safety protocols. Now, more than ever, it’s helpful to streamline your in-house processes.


At Deufol, we’ve stayed open during this difficult period to help our customers overcome their toughest challenges. We can help you do the same. Let’s connect today and talk about how changes to your crating and export can help you through this unprecedented time. Deufol_Logo_opt.png


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