Maybe you need to outsource labor, but don’t want to lose control over production quality. Or perhaps your factory is relocating and you don’t know how to begin the process. If the average contract packager or temp employment service is not meeting your needs; Deufol could be the answer.

At Deufol, we provide robust quality inspection services, industrial packaging design and manufacturing to lower production costs and engineering services to continuously improve your service level. Our Assisting Services solutions help manage production, after-production, and facilities services to allow your company to focus on what it does best.

If you are not sure what you are getting into; our team of expert engineers analyzes your individual needs and tailors a solution to help reduce delays, cost overruns, and production stoppages.

In-house Outsourcing

Outsourcing solutions let you grow your business. But what if you aren’t comfortable letting the work leave your location — or your control?

In-house Outsourcing is a unique Deufol service that allows companies to “outsource” labor from within. This service provides the same benefits of outsourcing production, but brings the process to your own location. By operating at your own premises, this process incorporate outsourced talent into your existing organization. This allows for effective communication and reduces interfaces. In-house Outsourcing takes the burden of managing labor from your company and allows you to focus on what your company does well, all while maintaining quality and reducing overall production costs.

Material Procurement

Sourcing and procurement can be costly and complicated distractions from your core competencies.

Deufol’s Material Procurement service helps companies by making, sourcing, or buying necessary parts for production. We carefully select and manage relationships with vendors for even the smallest accessory pieces, ensuring that nothing is overlooked or of poor quality. Our service is responsive to each project, and parts aren't bought until they are needed. This results in more accurate, cost effective orders.

After-production Services

Deufol offers a variety of After-production Services to assist in the plant relocation or machinery shipping processes. From disassembling and cleaning machinery to removing parts from the production line, we handle everything to make sure your products arrive in perfect condition.

Facility Services

You want to focus on the heart of your business; but plants, warehouses and other facilities require expert attention to keep them clean, stocked and running at peak efficiency.

At Deufol, our Facility Services make sure your facility is ready to work for you. Our experienced specialists meet with you to analyze your needs and develop a personalized plan. The team then manages and executes your plan down to the last detail. We’ll service your facility so you can get back to serving your business. From janitorial services up to replenishing KANBAN warehouses at the production line — we think of everything.

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