Marc Hübner

Head of Business Development for SE

As Head of Business Development, Marc has been integral to the success of Deufol SE. He has acted as a member of the Administrative Board of Deufol SE since 2016. Marc has made great strides in expanding the company’s market share while keeping the customer at the center of every decision.

Nothing is impossible

About Marc

Marc Hübner lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany. In 2016, he received his Master of Business Administration from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

Marc began his prosperous career with Deufol as an Intern and then gradually developed into the current position. He acted as an advocate on behalf of the consumer to bring them the highest quality services to meet their unique needs. After seven years within Deufol, Marc took on the title of Head of Business Development. In this role, he continues to search for new ways to serve the customer and new markets to enter.

Marc enjoys travelling internationally, both for business and recreation. As a self-taught cook, he likes tasting and preparing new foods from around the world. These hobbies show a glimpse of the adventurous and innovative personality that Marc brings to everything he does.